I am, and have always been, an eclectic artisan. I taught crafts alongside my mother in my teens (which is a long ways back…), and continued to teach and sell my work while in college. I have sold at craft shows for 40+ years, and have been selling online for over 13 years on Etsy. Throughout my life, I have dabbled in many forms of craft and art.

I was a professional calligrapher for a long time, which led me to the associated ancient Turkish art of marbled paper. Unfortunately, arthritis and chemical sensitivities forced me to stop both activities. But – as they say – ‘Necessity is the Mother of Invention’: I realized that I could move my remaining papers into my computer to create new papers so that I can continue to create! So, these new designs created from my original hand marbled papers now find their way onto many forms of book arts and more. My entire store is handmade, by me.

about Turkish marbled paper:

Inks or paints are floated on a specially prepared water bath, and are then manipulated into patterns by use of rakes or combs. A sheet of prepared paper is then laid onto the paint/ink, to create a contact print. My color choices are distinctly not traditional, and my patterns are not quite the traditional ones - my color palette tends to be very bright, and I introduce more movement into the patterns.

Thank you for supporting small business.