marbled paper coptic stitch soft cover journal no. 2

160 pages | blank
This 160 page blank journal is encased front and back in beautiful marbled bouquet pattern paper covers cut from a single sheet of paper. The brightly colored (almost psychedelic) pattern flows from the outside to the inside – the inside covers are just as pretty as the outside! The colors remind me of an Indian color palette, ranging from earthy greens, browns and oranges to hot pink and deep turquoise. The marbled paper is a reproduction of a variation of one of my original hand marbled papers. You will find my papers tend to have more movement in them than traditional marbled papers, and this one particularly dances.

- hand bound blank journal/sketchbook
- 160 pages (counted front & back, as in a book)
- 50% recycled paper pages
- heavy card stock weight paper covers
- 4 x 5.25 inches (10.16 x 13.34 cm)
- bright and earthy colors – yellow-green, orange, red, hot pinks, bright green, deep turquoise
- color coordinated pearl cotton closure

Coptic stitch is one of the earliest forms of book binding. Coptic stitch journals not only have a decorative exposed spine, that spine allows every page to open up completely flat, allowing you to fill the pages to their edges. It is also a very strong and secure form of binding. Each signature (section) is securely stitched to the next.

The 6 signatures making up the book are hand folded sheet by sheet to create a perfectly pointed traditional outside edge, making it easy to move between sections of your journal. The pages are made from smooth 50% recycled bright white paper, perfect for writing down your thoughts or sketching your ideas.

The covers are printed onto heavy card stock weight paper that is folded to create the unique double-sided covers of these journals. Because the covers and pages are cut individually for each journal, there may be slight differences in size between journals.

The soft orange pearl cotton closure nicely complements the colors in the marbled paper. The closure is securely attached to the journal, and holds it closed with a coordinating decorative gold bead. The bead slides up and down the cords to open and close your journal. A simple round gold bead accents the spine while holding the cords in place. I think the shiny silkiness of the pearl cotton perfectly accessorizes the journal.

Please note: colors may vary between monitors

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